Yes, it is time for the Halloween Costume Parade. 

This year, the only costume which I need, is a costume for Kelsey.  Oh, the costumes of the past . . .

We had ninja turtles, Dukes of Hazzard, Star Wars, cowboys, cheeseburgers, and ballerinas.

I still have the kids’ costumes in the garage.  I can’t donate them away.  They are part of my family history.  Plus, I thought they’d be fun for the grandkids.

Kelsey prompted the costume thought, when she and I voted last week.  Sometimes, Kelsey can get activities, a bit confused.  She asked me about her Halloween costume and then, the candidates.

You know, in a way, many of the candidates are wearing costumes.  And we won’t know who they are, until Nov. 5. 

Even the Propositions are dressed in costume. 

My, oh, my, I now have my Missouri State government experience to wrap into one column.

Truthfully, there are some candidates who need to be tossed into the M.R., the Missouri River.  Let them float to Montana or the gulf. 

Then, there are some who are worth their weight in gold.  Write me and I’ll tell you.  They truly work for their constituents, and in addition, serve the needy throughout the state.

In representing Kelsey, I’ve experienced too much sadness with government employees who aren’t held accountable.  They make up regulations, advocate their own agendas, and enforce laws which don’t exist. They promote programs, which bring harm to many needy residents.  And, yes, they continue to violate my daughter’s rights.

Special needs babies, the elderly, and those with disabilities are the most vulnerable.  These are the residents whom we must provide for and protect.

The other day, I watched a “costumed” commercial in reference to Home Health Care.  The ad showed a senior citizen with a health care worker in the home. 

Unfortunately, we need to start, first, with the State who makes that right impossible.  Missouri still forces residents into nursing homes and Habilitation Centers, institutions of the past.  Money should follow the person. 

I know.  It has taken 12 years of living in the state of Missouri and fighting for my daughter’s rights to live at home.

Granted there are some medical conditions which require serious medical intervention and a residence, to serve them. 

Elections are good.  You see, if a State employee is allowed to continue to mislead, deceive, or betray the law, then the (newly) elected official should remove them . . . to the river. 

Well, Kelsey, I can see why you get Halloween confused with the election.  I pray the candidates, in costume, will not win.  We do need a change in government and state employees.

We need to replace those who are out of control and amend the law so that state programs can protect you, your rights, your life, and your future

Because those who love you the most, like your mom, will not always be around.

Happy Halloween Kelsey, at 31, you look great in your costume.