Quick 5 questions for Missouri House of Representatives District 52 candidates

1 What are some of the challenges you see here in the 52 District? LeVota: Our district is facing the same issues that the rest of Missouri is facing. We need to increase access to health care, work to create new jobs and improve our education. Hisch: Improving schools and helping to get more money for the 52nd District to combat crime. Education is the true vehicle of opportunity. We need to (a) reduce class sizes, (b) let teachers be teachers, (c) represent equally and fairly.

2 If elected for office, what approach would you use to address those challenges?
LeVota: I will continue to work for real solutions to bring about real change in our state. I try to be known as a serious leader who is fair-minded and balanced in the Missouri Legislature. I work to be a mainstream consensus builder putting the needs of our district first. Hisch: Honesty, integrity and fairness are where we start.

3 What has been the most surprising element on the campaign trial for the 52 District seat?  Levota: The people are asking for change in both federal and state government. People are completely engaged in this election. Hisch: As I walked the District in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit and Independence, people said, “It’s good to see you knocking on doors; you will get my vote.” Citizens do not like to be taken for granted.

4 What differentiates you from your challenger?  LeVota: I am not familiar with the any of the views of my Republican challenger. Hisch: I’m an idea man, and no one owns me; not my party, not labor, not business. I am, however, getting support from all three. People want results.

5 Finally, the catch phrase of this election cycle has been “change.” What change can you bring to the 52 District?  Levota: I will work for real change in our state such as restoring adequate funding for schools, providing affordable health care for families and seniors and fighting crime in our neighborhoods. Hisch: Leadership, results, and not caring who gets the credit. We need to find and use available funds to combat crime and support our police officers, our children and their teachers.

– Toriano L.Porter