Lorrie Keith, fourth grade, Blue Hills Elementary School

To the editor:

This is how I got my dog from being abused. Some guy threw his 6-month-old puppy on the road. This other guy took the puppy to his mom, who helps animals. She put it on Craigslist. My parents found it there. You can do this too.

Animals are dumped on the roads and highways. These animals have to suffer. In the U.S., 38 states have laws about animal cruelty. Yet we still throw our domestic animals on the road. We are meant to be their guardians, but sadly we are not. When you see an animal on the road take it to the pound or find it a home.
If you were a pet on the road, how would you feel? Remember this next time you see a stray animal on the road. It’s horrible to see animals on the road suffering.  

Maureen Hudson’s fourth grade students at Blue Hills Elementary in Independence have written letters to the editor. They have appeared in The Examiner for past several days and will the rest of this week.