Fort Osage boys soccer coach Andrew Fletcher is comfortable giving his team a little freedom. Monday, that freedom led to a key goal in the Indians’ 3-2 win over Truman.

Fort Osage boys soccer coach Andrew Fletcher is comfortable giving his team a little freedom. Monday, that freedom led to a key goal in the Indians’ 3-2 win over Truman.

At the 14:37 mark of the second half, Fort Osage was clinging to a 2-1 lead when the Indians set up for a free kick. With the Truman defense set, Fort Osage’s Richmond Forbis sprinted across the center of the field in front of the ball and Armondo Lopez immediately followed by darting down the sideline. The two served as decoys and Billy Vigil slammed the kick which was deflected, eventually found its way back to Vigil who knocked in the goal to give the Indians a 3-1 advantage.

The host Patriots added a late goal from Daniel Jeffress, but Fort Osage was able to hold off Truman’s final charges to secure the victory.

The Indians (11-1) run a series of free-kick sets involving misdirections. Vigil guesses that Fort Osage has converted at least five goals off them this season. And they’re a players-only creation.

“They put so much time into those and then they get the reward on game day,” Fletcher said. “I stay out of it. They do all the work on that by themselves. They’re much better at it than I am.”

The Indians practice the kicks for about an hour each day after practice. Fletcher said it’s an example of his players’ commitment to the team that they’re willing to stay late after already being fatigued. But Vigil said it’s not exactly hard labor.

“We usually have quite a bit of fun with it,” Vigil said. “Everyone wants to be the one to shoot it. Everyone’s like, ‘Let’s try this and let’s try that.’ We laugh about it.”

Vigil also scored a go-ahead goal in the match’s 51st minute when he sprinted with the ball down the right side of the field, cut inside the box and angled a shot past Truman goalkeeper Alex Villa.

“In high school soccer, the defenders kind of bite a lot,” said Vigil, who will lead the Indians Wednesday as they host Grandview. “I just tried to get past that first person and look for something on top and the goalie kind of left the near post open.”

Vigil’s goals capped a comeback for the Indians after Zach Felz scored the match’s initial goal for the Patriots (5-5) in the 37th minute off an assist from Cam Wallace. Wallace tallied three assists in the game.

Forbis tied the score a minute later and the Indians retook momentum entering halftime.

While the Indians left the field exchanging chest bumps and fist-pounds following the victory, Truman coach Jared Byrne described what he saw as a missed opportunity for his team.

“I think that Fort Osage definitely has some very good players,” said Byrne, whose squad travels to North Kansas City on Wednesday. “But I still thought as a team, when we wanted to possess the ball, we could. When we wanted to get those chances, we could. When we sent crosses in, it was just a matter of who wanted it more. It’s a cliché, but they wanted it and we didn’t”

The match also provided a lighthearted moment late in the first half when Truman’s Greyson Rogers went down with a twisted ankle. As he lay on the field he was helped to his feet by Forbis. Forbis hoisted Rogers on his back and gave him a piggy-back ride to the sideline to polite applause from the fans on both sides.

“It’s cool to see how (Forbis) takes the game,” Byrne said. “He has fun with it, so that’s good.”