Hundreds of high school students will be descending on Blue Springs this weekend in an annual event that brings the music lover out in everyone.

Hundreds of high school students will be descending on Blue Springs this weekend in an annual event that brings the music lover out in everyone.

“It really is a celebration of music and the amazing things teenagers are accomplishing,” said Tim Allshouse, director of bands at Blue Springs High School. “The audience will certainly be entertained, but the real story is seeing the youth of today doing something worthwhile and productive with their time.

“Marching band is the ultimate activity in teaching teamwork and working towards a common goal for the good of the group. The youth of today are doing great things, and you will see a great example of that at the festival.”

The 33rd annual Blue Springs Golden Regiment Invitational Marching Festival begins at 8:30 a.m. Saturday at Blue Springs High School, 2000 N.W. Ashton Drive. Thirty-one bands from a six-state region will compete in a field show as well as have the opportunity to compete in drumline and indoor color guard events. Admission, which includes both preliminaries and finals, is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Parking is free.

“The planning for the festival begins virtually the day after the festival from the previous year,” Allshouse said. “Our parent volunteers are amazing and put in a ton of time and planning to make this event happen. I have been told that this is second largest annual event held in Blue Springs (Fall Fun Festival being the largest). Hopefully, the local community and business benefit as well.”

The top scoring band from the morning preliminaries, the top 5A and 6A band from the afternoon preliminaries and the next six highest scores from the 5A and 6A divisions will move onto finals, which begin about 6:30 p.m. Although the Golden Regiment will not compete, they will perform an exhibition show at the end of the festival.

“Looking over the BSHS campus and seeing it packed with people that came just for the love of music and marching band is one of the things I enjoy most,” Allshouse said. “The ability for students from various states to mingle and meet each other, and mostly just watching so many students investing in a worthwhile activity that transcends time, city of residence, age, race, etc. and seeing them all come together for common goal. It really is a magical moment in time and something we can all learn from.”

Among the area high school bands that will compete are Blue Springs South, Fort Osage, Truman, Odessa, Lee’s Summit North, Lee’s Summit and Lone Jack. The drumline and color guard competitions will be inside the high school.

“The performers on the field experience that positive rush of a live performance where they are literally floating on air for 15 minutes putting it all on the line just for the sake of entertaining the audience.,” Allshouse said. “It is certainly a competition, but at the end of the day, it really is a celebration of how individual kids can come together as one and accomplish something amazing as a group by working together. That is a great life lesson.”