Emily Tillman
fourth grade
Blue Hills Elementary School

To the editor:
Animals did nothing to you, so why be mean to them? How do you think they feel? How would you feel? Unlike humans, animals can’t tell you when they don’t like something or if it hurts.

According to Dosomething.org, the number of animals killed in U.S. laboratories each year is 70 million. Here are three reasons why that should not happen. Animals are our friends and family and they deserve to be treated that way. Animals should not be treated like test tubes! Also, animals have feelings just like you. The last reason is because if you test on animals, they may not have the same reaction as a human.

On articleswave.com, I learned that the scariest type of animal cruelty is how they train circus animals. Here are my three reasons this type of animal cruelty should not happen: Animals should be treated like animals, not dress-up dolls. If you were one of the animals and were forced to wear a silly costume and do tricks, how would you feel? Animals can’t tell you how they feel. My last reason is animals need love just like you; poking and beating them won’t help them.

That is why animal cruelty stops here! Animals should be loved not turned into circus clowns. You should never torture animals! Please don’t hurt animals. Remember how would you feel? Animals should not be mistreated!

Maureen Hudson’s fourth grader students at Blue Hills Elementary in Independence have written letters to the editor.