The spring high school athletic season is close to being full speed ahead.

The spring high school athletic season is close to being full speed ahead.

I have always felt as the spring sports have not received the same level of attention that fall and winter sports receive. Many factors place a “damper” on the spring season with the weather usually being the biggest duck in the puddle.

Whole weeks of events can be rained out at a time. It makes it very difficult for the athletes and teams to get into the flow of their season with so much hurry-up-and-wait going on. Many times, most of a spring season is crammed into one small time frame as regular games and rain-outs get booked back to back.

The other major factor that can hurt spring sports is all of the activities that coincide with it: prom, graduation celebrations, and more importantly, everyone looking forward to the end of the school year.
These obstacles, however, do not impede the work ethic of the various athletes. During my career I served as head coach in baseball and boys and girls track as well as assistant golf coach. The athletes were just as hard-working in these sports as in the fall sports of football, softball and basketball, which I also coached.

In the Kansas City area, spring sports consists of baseball, boys and girls track, boys golf, boys tennis and girls soccer. Most of these athletes begin to train for their season as soon as they return from Christmas break with the official season beginning the last week of February.

Indoor workouts in Missouri will typically include indoor batting cages, track teams running the hallways of the school and soccer teams using gym floors to run drills.

Blue Springs High School had a run for many years in winning the All-Sports Conference and one of the main reasons for that success was due to the great spring competition.

Perhaps the particularly mild winter this year will help the spring teams get a quick start in their season. I appreciate the level of effort that goes into the spring season. I hope fans and parents will get out and support the teams so that these athletes get their just dues!

n I have been a vocal critic of the Chiefs organization lately, but I must say that at least on paper the Chiefs appear to have done a great job in free agency this year. They have focused on their areas of need and selected guys to fill those positions. Let’s face it, Peyton Manning was a long shot at best and may not have been a good choice for the long haul.

n Kentucky is so much better than everyone else in the NCAA Tournament that it would be a huge upset if they did not win it all. The team’s direct recruiting with the AAU programs makes them the destination for the top “one-and-done” players in the country. Not even coach John Calipari can mess this run up.

n The Master’s Tournament is just around the corner and my three favorite picks would be Rory Mcilroy, Luke McDonald and Lee Westwood. If I were to make a choice from American players, it would be Hunter Mahan or Dustin Johnson.

n My quote of the day is from Hall of Fame pitcher, Tom Seaver, “Some pitchers want to be known as the fastest thrower that ever lived. Some want to win 30 games in one season. Some want to pitch a no-hitter. All I want to do is the best I can, day after day. In other words, I want to prove I’m the best.”