Jackson County prosecutors have charged an Oak Grove man with stealing a truck at Wal-Mart in Blue Springs Wednesday and leading police on a chase that ended in Independence.

Jacob R. Danforth, 23, last-known address in Oak Grove, was charged with first-degree tampering and resisting a lawful stop, both felonies.
He is being held on $20,000 bond. His next court appearance is May 20.

Danforth allegedly stole 2006 Ford F-250 diesel at the Wal-Mart store.

Court documents gave the following account:

The truck belonged to an Oak Grove man.

A Blue Springs police officer saw the truck zoom past him on an Interstate 70 on-ramp. The officer attempted to pull the driver over. Danforth increased his speed, going about 90 mph on the left shoulder of the interstate trying to elude the patrol car.
Danforth swerved to the right and took the Little Blue Parkway exit ramp. He then turned right into the southbound lanes of Little Blue. Danforth continued driving the wrong way.

Then he crossed the median and went the right direction but crossed over again into the southbound lanes. This placed him behind the patrol car.
Danforth rammed the police car from behind, causing significant damage to the officer’s vehicle.
He fled north to 39th Street. The officer continued to chase him.

Danforth went east on 39th and turned north on Selsa Road, “driving through someone’s yard.” One tire was flat on the truck.

He went west on R.D. Mize Road, now with another flat tire, and he nearly struck two vehicles head on.

The truck tried to turn onto Hidden Valley Road but was going too fast and lost control, crashing into a fire hydrant and light pole. But he kept on going until the truck crashed into several vehicles at Missouri 291 and Hidden Valley Road.

Danforth jumped from the truck and tried to force his way into two other nearby vehicles at the intersection. The officer pulled out his handgun, but Danforth continued to resist. Danforth broke away from the officer and started to flee when a driver in a black Jeep, who watched the struggle, drove into Danforth. The impact knocked him to the ground and he was taken into custody.

Danforth has four prior felony arrests with three convictions and two misdemeanor arrests with two convictions.

“He has a history of stealing vehicles and fleeing the police,” according to court records.

The Blue Springs police officer and suspect were slightly injured. The officer is back on duty.