As spring cleaning takes hold, gather up your household hazardous items, Independence, and visit the city’s 14th annual household hazardous waste collection from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

The event will take place in the large parking lot bordered by Walnut, Liberty, Kansas and Osage, just one block south of the Square. The collection is free to Independence residents, though proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or a city utility bill, is required.

Dick Champion, director of the city’s Water Pollution Control Department, recommended that residents clean out their garages, cabinets and basements. Once products labeled as flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive cannot or will not be used for their original purpose, they become hazardous wastes.

Products accepted at the collection will include: batteries; paint and paint products like aerosol cans, varnish, stripper and thinner/turpentine; fluorescent light bulbs; garden and yard products (herbicides, pesticides, sprays, rat poison and weed killers); automotive fluids, such as antifreeze and used motor oil; household cleaners; kerosene; mercury thermometers; unused/unwanted medicines; and others.

Call 816-325-7711 if you are uncertain whether a particular waste will be accepted. The collection will not accept electronics, appliances, trash, yard waste, medical waste, tires, asbestos, radioactive waste, pressurized gas cylinders or commercial waste.

The Independence Police Department will be on site with certified explosive ordnance officers to collect and to dispose of old or unwanted ammunition, explosives, firearms, fireworks and other similar materials. Contact 816-325-7997 for more information about this type of disposal.

Volunteers will help unload vehicles. No walk-ups will be allowed. Tightly secure all container lids to transport the items to the site. Bring them in original containers, if possible, and do not mix different or unknown substances.

If containers are leaking, wrap them in plastic and pack them into a larger container or box with absorbent material, such as cat litter. To pack items, use sturdy tubs or boxes and surround them with newspaper. Keep chemicals away from children and pets while transporting items in the car trunk or at the rear of the vehicle.

Other regional cities will host collection events this year. Call 816-513-8401 for more information on upcoming collections.