There’s no accounting for senseless acts of violence, but a little common sense can help prevent them.

More than 100 victims have filed reports with the Blue Springs Police Department in connection with a vandalism spree in the last few weeks. Someone went nuts with a BB gun or pellet gun, shooting out car windows and doing other damage.

It’s as frustrating as it is juvenile. Police say they have a couple of leads. Surely someone out there knows something about the white Ford pickup caught on camera. If so, call Detective Kelly Caster at 816-655-0350.

The other part is prevention. Petty criminals – whether vandals or thieves – almost always hit the easiest targets, so locked doors and well-lit areas are your best defense. If you have a deadbolt, use it. Keep the garage door closed. When out shopping, lock your car and don’t leave valuables behind – certainly not in sight. Keep your eyes and ears open; don’t be paranoid, but report suspicious things to the police.

The police have said this for years: They have to have to public’s support and occasional help to do their jobs. Common-sense prevention is crucial. So is the occasional phone call.