Chiefs general manager tried to wear too many hats, did not delegate enough

I attended the annual A.D. Convention in San Diego this past week. As usual many topics were discussed about the present and future of high school athletics.
The biggest news of all however was the resignation/firing of Chiefs Carl Petersen. It was ironic that I was in San Diego when the Chiefs gave the game away to the Chargers in Kansas City.
The Missouri contingency at the convention got into a high level discussion about Peterson and the Chiefs franchise.
With all of Carl Petersen’s weaknesses no one can argue that he was a great promoter and businessman. His opinion ratings are right along with President Bush’s approval ratings but facts are facts.
The problem with Carl is that he simply was not a good football man. His drafts and free agent selections speak for themselves.
His biggest issue however was that he never developed a quarterback throughout his entire tenure.
Another fatal problem for him was his giant ego. He became a CEO, General Manager and President.
Good leaders allow the people around them to use their strengths to improve the organization. Carl acted as if he was the all knowing guru.
I have kept Chiefs stats for the television stations for 18 years and, like my friend Bill Althaus pointed out in his recent article about Carl, he came across as a guy who thought he was better than everyone else.
If Carl had just used his outstanding business skills and promotion abilities but turned over the football operations to a real football man, the Chiefs organization could have excelled on both the field and in the market place.
It’s easy to attack Carl now that he’s down and out. The Hunt family needs to begin to take the bull by the horns and move the organization in the right direction.
Clark Hunt made a good decision as Carl had gone past his time. I’m sure Herman Edwards’ days are numbered as well.
Let’s face it; anyone who had lost 21 of 23 games would look like a beaten man.
Herm would make either a great defensive back coach for some team or a great Southern Baptist preacher.
As Chiefs fans, we need to hang in there with our local team and hopefully change will return pride back to Arrowhead Stadium every Sunday afternoon.
n The Hoops Rivalry set up by the A.D.s in the local area is a great idea. To play at Municipal Auditorium, one of the great basketball venues is a great opportunity for kids.
n I believe area girls swimming, girls basketball and wrestling teams will make a big splash in state competition this winter. After the beating I took from my St. Louis friends over the results in football, I need something!
n T.O. – okay I vowed to never discuss him again but he is without question the sickest human being in sports and the media keeps promoting him. He is an insecure ego maniac. I guess it’s obvious I still don’t care for the man.
n My quote of the day is from Dwight D .Eisenhower, “A platoon leader doesn’t get his platoon to go by getting up and shouting ‘I am smarter, I am bigger, I am stronger, I am the leader.’ He gets men to go along with him because they want to do it for him and they believe in him.”