The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

Quiznos, 1992 N. Misssouri 7 – On Dec. 12, inspectors found several flies on a employee sandwich on a table in the back preparation area.


BP Amoco, 1005 N. Missouri 7 – On Dec. 17, inspectors noted rust accumulation in the ice machine. They saw condensation from the area dripping into the ice. Ice was to be discarded and don’t use ice made from the machine until repairs have been made.


Taco Bell, 525 Coronada Drive – On Dec. 17, inspectors found no sanitizer in the sanitizer buckets or in final rinse water in three compartments. This violation was corrected.


TJ’s Over the Edge, 3100 S. Missouri 7 – On Dec. 17, inspectors found a chemical spray bottle hanging on drink ice bin behind the bar. This was corrected.


Twin Stroke, 501 Vesper – On Dec. 18, inspectors found a chemical spray bottle was not labeled. It was corrected.

Grain Valley

Patricia’s Foods, 201 S.W. Eagles Parkway – On Dec. 18, inspectors found some ready-to-eat and potentially hazardous foods in deli areas that were marked with the date of preparation rather than seven days from the preparation or opening of the original package.


Pizza Hut, 13850  S. U.S. 71 – On Dec. 10, inspectors found several sinks that were unable to run water. Also, the mop sink does not drain properly. A faucet in the restroom doen’t drain properly.


Pizza Hut, 12000 Blue Ridge Blvd. – On Dec. 10, inspectors discovered the dishwasher was not sanitizing. The violation was corrected.

Lee’s Summit

China 88, 541 S.E. Melody Lane – On Dec. 12, inspectors found a ceiling tile dry storage is in disrepair. A few ceiling tiles in the back hallway were in disrepair, one is water damaged. A rack of egg rolls were at 70 degrees Farenheit after four hours of cooling. The violations were corrected.


Jumpin Catfish Restaurant, 834 S.W. Blue Parkway – On Dec. 12, inspectors found an open beverage in the reach-in cooler. Also, there was a spray bottle stored next to open containers of iced tea.


Lakewood Oaks Golf Club, 651 N.E. St. Andrews Circle – On Dec. 12, inspectors found bottles of cleaners in the upstairs kitchen and bar area that were not labeled correctly.


Barrata, 321 S.E. Main – On Dec. 19, inspectors found an open employee beverage in a food preparation area. This was corrected. Also, foods in the tall reach-in refrigerator on the cook’s line was between 45 to 50 degrees Farenheit. They should be between 44 to 60 degrees.


Hen House, 1015 N.E. Rice Road – On Dec. 18, inspectors found eggs in the self service refrigerator were too warm. The temperature of the deli dish machine rinse cycle was less than 160 degrees Farehneit. This was corrected.


Siki, 601 N.W. Blue Parkway – On Dec. 17, inspectors discovered a partial flat of eggs were on a counter were below temperature in a preparation cooler. They were discarded. Also, a preparation handsink in the kitchen had hot water disabled because of the faucet leaking.

Oak Grove

Son’s Bistro, 711 S. Broadway – On Dec. 16, inspectors found raw meat stored about ready-to-eat in the walk-in refrigerator. This was corrected. Also, bottles of cleaner were stored on top of the  ice machine. Bottles of cleaner were stored on a shelf above food in the dry storage area. This was also corrected.