Recycling in Grain Valley is an issue that is, well, being recycled.

Recycling in Grain Valley is an issue that is, well, being recycled.

After discussions that started more than two months ago, the Grain Valley Board of Aldermen is still working on the city’s recycling policy and how it should be improved. During a workshop Monday evening, City Administrator Gary Bradley provided an update since his meetings with AAA Disposal. 

Limiting the recycling center’s usage to only weekends could actually cost the company more because certain containers might only be partially full, Bradley said. A curbside recycling program also was discussed with the company.

“I think there’s a real opportunity in that,” Bradley told board members.

A different option would include an enclosed facility on R.D. Mize Road or at public works that would be open only on weekends and would be locked at other times, Bradley said. 

“That would save in costs of hauling,” he said. “We’re still waiting on an answer from them on trying to lower the costs.”

Chuck Johnston, Ward 2 alderman, asked if staffing costs to operate an enclosed facility would outweigh the existing hauling costs.

“It could,” Bradley replied, “but there again, a number of residents have called in and said that they would be more than willing to help or work as volunteers on weekends if we could do something that would be better than what we have.”

In late November, board members had a first reading of an ordinance that would limit the use of the recycling center to Grain Valley residents and businesses. The board approved the first reading and agreed to a second reading of the proposed ordinance, 5-1, with Terry Beebe opposed.

The proposed ordinance was then tabled after its second reading in December. Bradley said he would continue his discussions with AAA.

“I like the idea of having it secured,” Beebe said Monday night. “I think we need to work on it more effectively and efficiently. Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.”

In other business, Grain Valley Ward 2 resident Nancy Totton has withdrawn her candidacy for the spring board of aldermen election. Totton, who attends most board of aldermen meetings, said she withdrew because she and Daniel R. Strack would have had the same group of residents voting for them. Strack, a Ward 2 resident, also has filed his candidacy. He will face Chuck Johnston, an incumbent, in April’s election.

“I’ll still be here,” Totton said in an interview. “I’ll still be here giving everything 100 percent.”