A while back, I first introduced the concept that there is more to bangs than you might think.

I wanted to update the information and add photos to really add a visual advantage. Bangs, or fringe (that’s what your stylist might call them) can be used to downplay a high forehead, such as in a heart-face shape.

Here is a quick list and descriptions of the types of fringe there could be. See if you can figure out which is best for you.

• Basic Bangs – These are normal bangs ranging from short to long.  The short version works well for narrow face shapes. The basic bangs are slightly longer at the sides and angle in to the center of the forehead.

• Brow Bangs - Brow bangs are long, full and right at or below the eyebrow. This is a very hot style right now. They are worn very long and practically covering the eyes. This type of bang is reminiscent of the 70s bangs. Think Goldie Hawn. This style is best  for face shapes that are narrow, heart or pear shaped. The long full eyebrow bang can widen a very narrow face shape.

• Straight Bangs - A full bang cut straight across the forehead, with no angles whatsoever. It can be cut to a medium length, but short and straight is the way to go. This type of bang is also great to broaden a narrow face shape. This style can be very dramatic if worn short. We used to call them “baby bangs” in the ‘80s.

• Barely There and Choppy Bangs - This type of bang can be range from very short to very long, yet it has a choppy look to it.  They are not a full bang, but add visual lines that can help accentuate your facial features. This can be a good beginner style.

• Face Framing Bangs - These are not a full bang, but rather long or short fringes that are angled down the side of the face, swept to the side, off of the face. These types of bangs work great for heart and oval face shapes. A vary popular choice. It is probably one of the more popular types of bangs that are worn today by women.

• Fringe Bangs-This is another very popular style of bangs. These are not full bangs, but just a few fringes here and there to create a very subtle look.  They are sometimes cut well past the eye area. They work to soften a hair style, draw attention away from high foreheads or other facial features. The fringe bangs are a great way to downplay a high forehead, or to add softness to a hair style.

• Not Really Bangs-Cameron Diaz has the look of bangs, without actually having them. They simply give the illusion of bangs. To create this look, you simply make a very far side part—past your eyebrows—and then drape the hair from one side to the other, and tuck the extra behind your ear. You will be able to see if you like the look of bangs.

Remember that if you do not like the look of bangs, you might have to wait a while before they grow out!!!

I hope the pictures give you a better idea of the different types of fringe to choose from. Give it some thought and maybe a try. Have a beautiful day.