The only thing hotter than the weather in Eastern Jackson County is the Blue Springs South girls softball team.

The only thing hotter than the weather in Eastern Jackson County is the Blue Springs South girls softball team.

The Jaguars ran roughshod over the competition - going 5-0 with three shutouts and two no-hitters - to claim their first Greater Kansas City Softball Tournament title since 1999.

 “We have just about everyone back from last year, so we’re a couple of steps ahead of a lot of area schools,” said Brummel. “And we have some newcomers who have really made an impact.”

She was referring to freshman pitcher Megan Schwindler, who teamed with Michaela Tolliver for a combined no-hitter in her first varsity game then threw a no-no the second time she took the mound.

While many area coaches are trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together before the conference season begins this week, Brummel is putting the finishing touches on what could be a masterpiece.

“It’s a credit to how hard the girls worked this summer,” Brummel said. “They’ve hit the weight room, worked hard in practice, and we worked on things in practice that we didn’t get to last year until midway in the season.”

Tolliver burst on the scene last year, topping Blue Springs and all-star standout Kelsey Kessler 3-0 to end the Wildcats 40-game winning streak.

“I think we’re the team to beat this year, but there are a lot of great teams in the area,” Tolliver said. “We’re going to have a target on our backs this year as a team because of the way we started in the Greater Kansas City Softball Tournament.

“But that’s all right. We’re going to have to get used to it, because I hope we keep winning and get all the way to state.”

That confidence, coming from a sophomore, fires up Spaw.

“I love it,” Spaw said. “I live for this, this is the game I signed up for, you get what you deserve,” said Spaw, the heart-and-soul of the Jaguars. “We won some blowouts, but we also won 3-2 (against Lee’s Summit) and 5-4 (against Kearney) - and those are the games I remember.”

Ditto for the coach.

“I was nervous heading into those games with Lee’s Summit and Kearney,” Brummel said. “Logan was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded to win the championship against Lee’s Summit and at first she was mad because she got hit. Then she realized we’d won the championship and she was the happiest player out there.”

Spaw has always had a flair for the dramatic - finding a way to get the big run home in the biggest games.

“But I never - never, never, never - got hit by a walk-off pitch with the bases loaded to win a game,” Spaw said. “It was painful and I still have the bruise to prove it.”

Spaw said the Jaguars are a team, not a group of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“We’re a team, first and foremost,” Spaw said. “All the girls do a great job. There’s no class separation. At practice we’re like that. It helps the players develop not just as athletes - but as people.

“It makes us better in life. That’s what this whole thing is about. That’s what Michaela is about. She’s going to use what she has learned playing softball and have a lot of success.”

Brummel listened to that comment as his eyes became a bit moist.

“Wow, that just makes your heart grow bigger, doesn’t it,” the veteran coach said. “The girls get it. They get the bigger picture.”

And they kick butt while they’re doing it.