It’s New Year’s resolution time, and I’m going over the top this year with mine. I am starting the year with a new weekly radio show.

It’s New Year’s resolution time, and I’m going over the top this year with mine. I am starting the year with a new weekly radio show.

The first airing is scheduled to broadcast on Friday, Jan. 6 from 5 to 6 p.m. on KCWJ 1030 AM. The show will be called “Off the Wall with Tim Crone” and will air at the same time each Friday.

I have two partners in crime. The first is award winning broadcaster and Examiner columnist and sports writer Bill Althaus, who shares my love of high school sports. The second is Tony Wrisinger, of Vision Sports, with whom I’ve worked for 15 years. The show will feature three totally different views on current high school, college and pro sport topics and should provide an honest and fun approach to the sports world which has been a lifetime passion for all three of us.

Ken Ball, general manager of KCWJ, has been very supportive, and we hope to bring a positive to his station. The station has been a leader in providing a high school and college sports forum in Eastern Jackson County.

There are a multitude of these shows aired, but the three of us hope to hit the hot spots of sports locally. We have very diverse backgrounds but have common ground through our love of sports.

Bill has been a longtime writer for The Examiner. He has covered high school, college and pro sports for years and has been honored many times in his field of broadcasting and as a sports writer. Tony has worked for the Royals in public relations and sales. He has been second in command for Vision Sports and has been a sideline reporter for the company. He also serves as co-administrator of the Kansas City Football Coaches Association. I hope to add some insight from my experience as a teacher, counselor, coach, athletic administrator, columnist and color broadcaster.

The two goals of the show will be to be informative and thought provoking in a fun and enjoyable way. Please listen in. Ideas for discussion topics can be sent via email to us at, or to or

• The Pittsburg State Gorillas are NCAA Division II national champions. That just shows how strong Division II is in this area.

• The Chiefs will keep the media buzzing all year long. 

• The Royals are in the process of doing a lot of good things but still need  another No. 2- or 3-type starter in the rotation.

• Local high school wrestling teams are in line to dominate the state high  school scene once again.

• Area girls high school basketball appears strong once again. The boys  programs need some improvement in order to be state contenders.

•  My quote of the week is from Swiss writer Henri Frederic Amiel: “He who  floats with the current, who does not guide himself, according to higher  principles, who has no ideal, no real standards – such a man is a mere article of the world’s furniture – a thing moved, instead of a living and moving being – an echo, not a voice.”