Scott Huffman, Independence business owner

To the editor:

I have to give The Examiner credit. At least they do not even pretend to offer neutral opinions about most city issues. The Examiner’s biased coverage of the proposed Independence sales tax increase is absurd.

 Every single level of government asks for tax increases to pay for all the “important stuff” and then they waste all of our money on the “stupid stuff.” They raise taxes to “build roads” and “hire police,” and then they spend our money on $10 million “genealogy centers” and $12 million “emergency communication systems” that are absolutely worthless.

I respect all government employees and their right to make a good living for their families. I would also expect most government employees to vote yes on tax increases. The rest of us should do the right thing and vote no. Maybe if they have less money, they will not be so quick to blow it on stupid things. If you think Independence does not have any money, just take a nice gander at that 55,000-square-foot genealogy center the next time you drive by.