A year away from basketball gave Joby Parton a different perspective on the game she grew up playing and learning to love.

A year away from basketball gave Joby Parton a different perspective on the game she grew up playing and learning to love.

The 2009 William Chrisman graduate spent last school year as a student only at Park University before realizing something was missing from her life.

“You see, I kind of decided that I didn’t want to play basketball (in college),” Parton said. “I thought that I didn’t want to because I thought it would be overwhelming and I just kind of didn’t want to try to play a sport. I quickly figured out that I was very unhappy.”

Parton was an honorable mention Examiner All-Area point guard her senior season at William Chrisman, but the 5-foot-6 sharp-shooter will play the off-guard position at Park. She is an official walk-on to the program and will have four seasons of eligibility.  

 “It’s a really good international school,” Parton said of Park. “I really, really like that because I want to be around people from different places in the world. I love the teachers and the campus just kind of sold itself to me.”

Parton’s high school coach, Lindsay Thompson, is excited about Parton’s opportunity at the NAIA school in Parkville.

“Chrisman is proud and excited for Joby,” Thompson said. “I had lots of conversations with the Park AD (Claude English) and coach (Kenneth Cooper) about Joby. We work hard to help our athletes succeed at the next level and we are glad we can add Joby to the growing list of William Chrisman basketball players who play at the collegiate level.”

Parton looks forward to the challenge of getting back onto the court and getting back in playing shape.

“I didn’t even try out for the team (last season),” Parton said. “It was just something I didn’t want to do. I decided to walk on this year. It was really hard (sitting out). Basketball has always kept me really motivated and going — I didn’t have my motivator last year, so it was really hard to stay focused on all the things I needed to.

“I have a lot of work to do because I sat out a year and all the girls are really, really talented. I’ve got  a lot of work to do if I want to play and I realize that.”  

BROOKE PARTON NOW AT TRUMAN: Joby Parton’s younger sister, sophomore Brooke Parton, has transferred from William Chrisman to Truman.

Brooke Parton spent last season at Chrisman as the first guard off the bench for Lindsay Thompson’s 20-9 team, helping the Bears to a Suburban Big Six co-conference title with the rival Patriots and a district championship.

“We moved for a lot of different reasons,” Joby Parton said of the transfer. “I know my mom had a lot of different health things going on — we had to move for other reasons, too — but now she’s a Truman Patriot.”

The news was not so great for Thompson — the transfer only adds a layer to the already intense cross-town rivalry — but she vowed the Bears will move on past Parton’s move.

“Brooke’s transfer was a complete surprise,” Thompson said Monday via e-mail. “It is unfortunate that society tells our young athletes that the grass is greener on the other side. The Chrisman basketball players are looking toward the future and are excited about our season.”