I like the pictures and annual family reports. I appreciate the personal information.

I woke this morning, determined to read my Christmas cards. Of the many which I received, I enjoyed them all. Most are from friends I only hear from once a year.

I like the pictures and annual family reports. I appreciate the personal information.

I heard from Miriam’s family. Their daughter was in a horrible accident, which had a miraculous ending. Miriam gave their blog address, where I could read the details and daughter’s success. Traumatic Brain Injury traumatizes the whole family.

I heard from my nephew Matt and his family of five. I can’t believe he has three little girls.

Another picture came from the Herringtons who had their sixth child’s marriage. They included a family picture from their daughter’s wedding. I couldn’t believe that they have five grandchildren!

Rinda wrote about her 91-year-old father, “still healthy and able to enjoy his family.”

My sister Lindy’s husband, Buck, writes the best Christmas letter. Here’s a small portion of their ditty-

“Lindy! O the steady one: the clear calm voice of reason.

That mutes the rough cacophony of family tales this season,

She teachers Primary, and at the Pre-school, too.

Lindy, it’s hard to think of life, or loving, without you.”

Jamie, and her family from Washington, dressed in full nativity attire for their Christmas photo card. Their five kids are so grown up!

A friend from the past, Gemie, lives outside Dallas. Of her eight children, yes, eight . . . four are married and four . . . not yet.

My high school friend Margie wrote “You have one of the best looking families, I’ve ever seen in a Christmas photo.”

I need to send her some cash.

Christy has 12 grandchildren and she is younger than me. Well, then maybe not. . . .

The cards and letters are all about family. That is what is most important.

May I close with a picture of my family and New Year wish of peace and love to all of you.