"This is a production based business, and frankly, this may be the worst Chief’s team in history,” said Michael Farris on Chief Concerns Facebook page. “Definitely the worst team in the league this year. Four years into the Pioli regime. We’ve regressed. When we went 2-14 a few years back, we were young, inexperienced, and full of promise. Now we just look pathetic, disorganized, and heartless. The team gave up before the first month of the season was over. That’s more than coaching. It’s time for a full house cleaning. Because no one will visit a filthy house. And Arrowhead needs visitors…"

Crennel’s gone… most likely, but Scott Pioli? He might stay.

In 2008 Jamaal Charles, Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers and Glenn Dorsey were rookies. I’d include Brandon Carr, but he’s no longer with us.

A year before, in 2007, Dwayne Bowe was a rookie. Tamba Hali was picked in 2006 and Derrick Johnson in 2005.

When the Chiefs went 2-14 in 2008, like Chief’s fan Michael Farris mentioned, at least fans could reason that things were still fresh and new for these players.

Not in 2012, Johnson’s been in the league seven years. Hali six and Dwayne Bowe five seasons.

This thinking that the Chiefs are a young team, not so much. They are and they aren’t. Players like Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali in a couple seasons will be considered getting old. By NFL standards.

What happened this season, winning just two games, if I were boss would be unacceptable. Its offensive to the majority of Chiefs’ fans too.

Nothing short of Pioli getting fired by owner Clark Hunt will do. But will Mr. Hunt and do what fans want him to do? Not sure, not looking like it.

What we’re finding out about Clark Hunt is he’s slow footed, deliberate and not quick to action.

Being thoughtful can be a good thing, depending on the situation, but a bad thing when something so obvious to fans needs to happen.

This choice not only affects Chiefs’ fans, Scott Pioli remaining, but potential coaching options to help this team get better. Better fast.

Chief fans aren’t into long-term; they know this roster is better than that. With this team fans expect something to happen that will change their fortunes in the short-term. Fans still believe this team can win quickly with the right leadership.

If Pioli remains then the only people that will work with Pioli is somebody he knows. A coach Pioli likes. We saw that experiment with Romeo Crennel, it didn’t work.

Could Kansas City fans stomach a Josh McDaniels? There’s just a couple coaches that experts feel would work with Pioli, but again, that’s not good for fans.

If Pioli’s back fans are already talking about being done, even removing their tat’s. Fans have said they won’t renew their season tickets.

An all-time low? It’s coming if Pioli stays.

On the news Sunday night a Chief’s fan told a reporter: “Two Choices Clark Hunt, Pioli or the fan base”

It’s true, let’s hope Hunt picks the right one. US!

Good day, Chiefs’ fans!