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Sister Yvonne
Michael Scott

Oh the sun shines bright
Though it seems like night
From a gentle spirit
who is oh so right
To guide us through
The times that are hard
We romped and played
in grandpa’s back yard
Together as family
We know you’re there
and someday we will meet
With the Lord and shall show
Your love again we all
shall know
To our sister Yvonne
We love you so.

I am back
Jan Kroll

The dancing, red fire reminds me of blood.
We sit silently on the beach.
Cozy skies cover us,
Stars wink above.
Bonfire fingers reach to warm our toes.
Darkness folds around us.

“I am here,” my mind repeats, “I am here.”

I’m 24. I cuddle with my sweetheart in our favorite place
The cool breeze washes over us.

“I am here.” I ask for nothing more.

The war for me is over. I am back, body and soul.

But my mind keeps returning to the carnage of Iraq.
The dancing flames remind me of blood.

Jan Kroll

I want to sit by your side on a bench in the sun.
But here I sit on the ground all alone.
I yearn to slide my hands up your back; through your hair.
But I clear straggly grass ‘round your stone.

Alanaya Stematz-Breitling

I hope you now that I
Love ya like crazy, as close
As a chick and its hen,
A cow and her calf, a cheetah and
Her cub. I hope you know that
I love ya like crazy.

Friends and family count,
But you’re the best of all them,
And because of your heart
You care about me and take care
Of me, not only with your
heart but with your grace
And soul, I love you
With all my hear, friends and
Family county, but you’re the
Best of all them.

The times we spend together
Are great times in the year
When we play a game together
Or share a story at night,
We love and care for each
Other, the times we spend
Together, are great times
In the year.

Lynndanna Stematz

The new green
I am young new grass
The shade they can’t seem
To make fake Easter grass
I am waiting for that green
I want to see it everywhere
In the grass
The buds of trees
On new leaves of bushes
I’m ready
I’m ready for the scent of new Earth
I’m ready for
Spring Green.

Bonnie – The Daughter of Captain Bly
Edwin S. Rice

Quiet is the night surrounding –
Lonely, the longer day;
I listen for whimpers that need me
Remember she’s gone away.

Relieved of the daily cleaning;
Released from an old dog’s care –
Why is my mind re-living
The bother that kept me there? –

Old and failing for years now –
Absent the bounce and the glow
Of the pup I picked from a litter
So many dog years ago

Today I would through a garden
To a mound where flowers will soon grow;
I lefts these words in that garden:
“Here lies a dog, ‘Best of Show.’”

by Doyle “Bud” Pugh

It has been fifty years since our graduation day,
Oh how fast those years have sped away.
We had traveled different routes, as we were homeward bound,
Though they all led us back to our old stomping ground.
Our paths of life had led us in many different ways,
But now our thoughts would all be focused on our high school days.
For a few hours we would relive once more,
Those very special four years that we had known before.
Even though our appearances may have changed along the way,
Our memories would make us younger, as we reminisced throughout the day.
Though many of our paths had seldom crossed,
There is a special bond that will never be lost.
I hope the youth, who are graduating today,
Will not in time be deprived of their golden day.


By Lynndanna Stematz

Thunder walks shakes Earth
Lightning backlights churning clouds
Wind shrieks Tornad