What can you find at the Midwest Genealogy Center when searching for your Irish? Look at books located in the library in call numbers 941.5 through 941.96, or 929.1072. These books will give you information on specific subjects like Irish church records, jurisdictions, specific counties, the history of Ireland, estate records, beginner guides, planning a research trip, and finding census records. You will also find information on research tools, where to find the records, what records are available, etc... For example: Tracing your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide by John Grenham.

If you find that your Irish were more in the upper class, check out this book: Indexes to Irish Wills. You haven’t done a thorough search of our collection on Ireland unless you’ve also looked at our periodicals. The Midwest Genealogy Center has many periodicals on Ireland: titles such as Septs, Ireland of the Welcomes, Irish America, Irish Genealogical Quarterly, Irish Roots, Irish Genealogist, and many more.

Cindi F.
Midwest Genealogy Center