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News to know

Not long after potential presidential candidate Donald Trump said President Barack Obama hadn’t proved he was born in the U.S., Trump released a birth certificate to prove he was – but it wasn’t an official one, as several media outlets uncovered. A Trump aide responded by calling the incident an “oversight” and said Trump would release his official birth certificate later. 

Quote of note

"(Moammar) Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to lead, so we believe he must go. We're working with the international community to try to achieve that outcome." – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Diplomats from all over the world reiterated Clinton’s comment, and officials are talking about how best to proceed in Libya as the violence continues.

Hot video

Two children in Spokane, Wash., were rescued from quicksand thanks to the quick thinking of one of their playmates. Watch the video below:


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