Joel Atkison, Independence, is an employee for Liberty Tax Service on 23rd Street. He dresses up as Uncle Sam and dances outside to attract customers.

1 What’s it like to stand outside for hours and wave to hundreds of cars? Is it embarrassing?

It’s fun. It’s only embarrassing when I see people that I know.

2 How do you think people look at you? Why do you think that?

People look at me like I’m a nut. I can just tell by their facial expressions.

3 Do you like dressing up?

I wear the Uncle Sam costume proudly, because I had to earn the right to wear it by outdancing the other workers.

4 Is it hard to dance around for hours while looking peppy and happy?

No, I try listening to funny music or talk shows so I can be smiling and dancing non-stop.

5 Do you like working at Liberty tax service? Why?

Yes, because I get paid to act goofy, dance and make people laugh.