As I have stated time and time again, athletics are a snapshot of the more important things in life – family, country and spirituality.

As I have stated time and time again, athletics are a snapshot of the more important things in life – family, country and spirituality.

The fact is, the world has changed and we need to adjust to the new view of America by the rest of the world. The ability to adjust is vital in life but there are some things that we just cannot adjust to. It’s just who we are as people.

Americans were shocked and sickened by the tragic events that unfolded at this year’s Boston Marathon. It was a senseless loss of life and unacceptable. We cannot understand or comprehend the act. Families will deal with loss of loved ones while others will have to adjust to a new way of life.

Evil thrives in the world, but the terrorists need to realize that the reason why Americans love sports is because we love determination and the will it takes to overcome a setback. It is not all about getting knocked down, but is more about getting up! Sports events have become soft targets for the force of evil in the world.

The changing world has created an awareness that it is ever important to assure safety at sport venues. We will never give up our freedom to support our love of athletics and the support of our favorite team.

Ugly terrorist attacks intend to provoke total fear. In every case the country has totally come together. Sports provide a great daily example of Americans with the will to succeed. It is part of the American fiber.

I must admit, I am a Royals and Yankees fan from head to toe and have never hoped that any Red Sox team would beat my guys. The game after the bombings really changed me. For the first time in my life I wanted the Sox to win one for their city and for the entire country. The very next day I pulled for the Royals on every pitch. That is how sports works in our society. The Boston people were able to demonstrate to the entire world that their response to terror is to rise up, their determination and resolve would not be defeated. The Red Sox game against the Royals was a clear illustration of how all Americans roll.

Sports have taught many lessons. I recall a trip to New York two years after the 9/11 attacks. We took a school group and Ground Zero was the No. 1 wish for the students to visit. We visited the site as a tour guide described that horrible day. Following the presentation, the students visited different areas of the site. I located a true New Yorker and took them aside to get their feedback. He was a construction worker. He looked me in the eyes (at the time I thought he was looking all the way to the back of my head) and answered very simply, “We are going to build the damn building even higher.”

That is exactly how the Boston Marathon will be in the years to come. It will be more meaningful than before. Sports are a mirror of our society. We may get knocked down, but without fail we will get right back up and surface stronger than ever.

n If you like baseball and have a burning desire to learn how we have grown as Americans, you need to see the movie “42.” It is a great true story of determination and resolve and makes us all have a deeper understanding of the words together, equal and fair.

n At this point in the season, you have to love the starting pitching for the Royals. At least they are in every game and have a shot to win at the end.

n The Chiefs' administration has put together an effective plan and they finally appear to have the organization to carry out that plan. In time, the worm will turn.

n My quote of the week come from entrepreneur Vincent G. Marotta: “Determination is one of the most important prerequisites for virtually any endeavor one wishes to undertake. First, one must set a goal and truly believe in it. Then one must apply oneself to that end with all the honest determination that one must apply oneself to that end with all the honest determination that one possesses. Hard work (there is no easy way), total commitment, and patience in times of adversity will, in the long run, see one through. In short, set the goal, be determined to succeed with complete dedication toward that goal, and be totally honest with oneself. These are the specific precepts to success in any endeavor.”