Sharron Gregg

To the editor:

Beyond all the conflicting opinions over the police tax and The Falls project leading into this election, we must look at the character of those men and women running for office. In this case, Jim Engelman in District 2.

I have known Jim and his family for many years. He brings to District 2 and the council a broad working experience, ranging from supervisory and managerial positions with large corporations and an AFL-CIO union to owning and running a couple of construction companies. He has developed special communication skills in listening, negotiating and dealing honestly and fairly with people and issues. With a lifelong positive attitude, Jim maintains a strong faith and believes in service to others.

Walking the District 2 neighborhoods in recent weeks, Jim has heard the concerns of his constituents and, as the voice of the people, he is looking for solutions and acting on those concerns of economic development – small business and job opportunities, public safety, the future of U.S. 24 and all areas in District 2. Elect Jim Engelman as District 2 council member.v