He’s learning and he’s trying to do what the coaches are teaching him to do. Crennel says that’s the biggest positive for Dontari Poe right now. It’s important that Poe assimilates into the Chiefs system.

Crennel stressed that Poe is very willing to learn. Crennel’s hoping Poe’s enthusiasm pays dividends later with camp.

Poe has ability but he’s in retrain mode. What he’s been taught doesn’t truly apply. What Poe did in college doesn’t really convert. The coaches have to recreate Poe and Poe has to absorb something brand-new.

Poe has raw talent, but getting what the Chiefs are trying to instill is the most important thing for Poe in OTA’s. In everything attitude is key. Poe came into OTA’s with the right outlook and in shape.

Crennel kept reminding the ones asking the questions what he told the media about Poe initially. Me, I like hearing that. It says that Crennel has a plan for Poe. Crennel knew what he saw in Poe before the Chiefs drafted him and he knows what he wants from Poe now.

He perceives Poe as a player that can be molded into different things.

Defensive end Wallace Gilberry is no longer with the Chiefs. Gilberry was a fan favorite and seemed effective. In 2009, he had 20 tackles, two assists, and 4.5 sacks. His three sacks in one game against the St. Louis Rams in 2010 put Gilberry into the spotlight.

With Gilberry not offered a contract by Kansas City and currently a free agent Crennel’s experimenting with Poe in that sub rusher spot.

Crennel says Poe has the kind of ability that you might be able to plug-in. Crennel would be crazy to not try. Not many men weighing 348 can run a 4.9 40. If Poe gets it he’ll definitely crash the offensive party.

Crennel is mixing the mortar and laying the bricks. Half the battle for these young guys Crennel says is retraining the mind.

With Poe Kansas City is taking a look at what Poe can do. Poe may not be just a nose tackle, but a player that fills more than one need. Poe could be a player that plays the nose tackle position stopping the run and gives you the added benefit of rushing the quarterback. Chief player Dan Saleaumua, who played for Kansas City from 1987 to 1996, was one of those kinds of players.

In one of Kansas City’s better seasons 1995 Saleaumua recorded seven sacks. Three times Saleaumua recorded six sacks or more in a season with the Chiefs.

The important thing to remember right now is OTA's are a very, very initial look at everybody. There’s nothing serious going on but training the mind as Crennel says.

What are important are players like Poe showing up with the right attitude and in shape.

Once camp rolls around and things heat up fans will see more of what Poe has, but like Crennel says…whatever Poe learns in OTA's will definitely help. There’s also preseason as well.

Good day, Chief fans!