A bond issue that failed two weeks ago in Grain Valley has new life.

A bond issue that failed two weeks ago in Grain Valley has new life.

The Jackson County Election Board has approved the Grain Valley School District’s petition to place the $3 million bond issue on the April 3 ballot. Because the filing deadline had passed to get an issue on the April ballot, school district officials had to file the special petition. Otherwise, the next available election would not be until June. Because of the district’s quick decision to file the petition, there will be no additional cost for new ballots.

“We need the additional classrooms, either through brick and mortar or through mobile classrooms,” said Grain Valley superintendent Roy Moss. “It has always been the attitude of the community to go with brick and mortar.”

The issue, which would not raise taxes, was narrowly defeated Feb. 7. Although it received 65.09 percent of the vote, because elections in February are classified as special elections, a two-thirds majority was needed. That is 66.6 percent, 13 votes shy of passing. It was the first time in 20 years that a bond issue has failed in the Grain Valley district.

Funds from the bond issue would largely go toward the completion of a second wing of classrooms at Grain valley North Middle School, the district’s newest facility. Additional funds would be used for exploratory classrooms and, if money remains, the expansion of the kitchen area and the purchase of new kitchen equipment.

April elections only require a four-sevenths majority, or just more than 57 percent, to be approved. If the election is successful, construction could begin almost immediately and be completed sometime this fall.

“It will be the same bond language. We will continue to inform the community that this has no impact on the debt service levy,” Moss said. “This is not a want, but a need.”