Cynthia M. Thresher is believed to be responsible for a string

of home invasions in western Independence.

The Jackson County prosecutor charged a 25-year-old Independence woman for allegedly breaking into multiple homes in northwest Independence.

Cynthia M. Thresher was charged Thursday with four counts of first-degree burglary and one count of attempted first-degree burglary. All are felonies.
Thresher, as was being held at the Jackson County Detention Center on $75,000 bond. 

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 3 in Jackson County Circuit Court in Independence.

Prosecutors charged her with breaking into four homes. But police believe she is responsible for five other burglaries prosecutors have not charged her with.

All the burglaries have happened within the past eight weeks.

Thresher lives on the 130 block of South Glenwood Avenue, according to court documents. All the burglaries she was charged with were within mere blocks of that address. One of the burglaries was right next door to her address.

Thresher, according to authorities, broke into windows and unlocked doors while the residents were asleep.

Once inside, she scoured rooms looking for wallets and purses. She often left through the front door.

She was charged with breaking into a home on the 100 block of Cedar Avenue on Jan. 23, stealing a silver purse containing $100 cash, a checkbook and personal information, according to court documents. She allegedly invaded a home on the 9812 block of Morrell Avenue, also on Jan. 23, stealing a purse with $276 cash, a checkbook and a debit card.

She entered a home on the 500 block of South Huttig through an unlocked basement door on Valentine’s Day.

One of the residents woke up and saw a “silhouette of a person” standing near the front porch, according to court papers. The resident hid and then crawled upstairs to awake her husband, according to the court documents.

The husband noticed the woman standing in the hallway near the basement door. He confronted Thresher once they were outside. She took off running and the husband chased after her.

He caught her. The woman said her name was “Cindy” and that she entered his place because she wanted a glass of water, according to court records.

The couple gave Thresher some water. They allowed Thresher to leave, thinking that she did not take anything.

But Thresher had stuffed the wife’s purse under her coat.

Also on Valentine’s Day, Thresher allegedly broke into a home on the 100 block of South Glenwood. Thresher triggered a motion detector that sounded an alarm in the resident’s bedroom.

A ladder was set up on the side of the house so the burglar could enter through a window.

Police arrested Thresher early Wednesday immediately after she allegedly broke into a home on the 500 block of Evanston Avenue.

Thresher was walking about one block from the home when officers stopped her. They compared the pattern on the bottom of her shoe to tracks in the snow that led away from the Evanston residence. They matched.

 A judge in November placed Thresher on supervised probation after she pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary in a crime last May. The judge suspended a three year sentence and placed her on probation for that crime.