Will this weather ever end?

Will this weather ever end?

Public works spokespersons from Blue Springs and Independence hope so – if not for the simple reason of dwindling salt supplies.

Chris Sandie, assistant director for Public Works in Blue Springs, said the city has as much as 1,000 tons of salt left.

“We’ve been able to replenish half our supply,” Sandie said Monday afternoon, a day after the area was struck yet again with the white stuff.

While this season has been especially difficult on supplies and on manpower, Sandie said the city has been able to absorb the hit well.

“Certainly we’ve gotten near the end of our budget,” he said. “But we’ve managed it well. But we’re getting close to winter’s end.”

John Powell, director of Public Works in Independence, said the city is prepared for more winter storms. With a little over 1,200 tons of salt left, Powell said city crews are standing by.

“We’ve called our supplier and we’re fine, we can get what we need if we need it,” he said.

In mid-January, Independence exceeded its budget by about $100,000, a cost associated with winter storms that struck the area around the Christmas holiday.

Both Powell and Sandie said this year has been difficult for each city because of the severity of the weather.

Powell said by exceeding the city’s budget by $100,000, some routine maintenance programs may have to be delayed and/or adjusted.

In all, two storms since Christmas have cost Independence about $250,000.

Powell said the city will begin preparing for its 2010-11 budget cycle in the next several months, which takes effect on July 1.

No major accidents were reported over the weekend, though Kansas City Power & Light reported power outages in both Blue Springs and Independence.

By Monday morning, power had been restored.

As for upcoming weather, forecasters are calling for flurries over the next two days. Temperatures are expected to be low, 8 degrees as a Wednesday low.