David Roberts, chairman of the Independence Planning Commission

1 How long have you served on the Planning Commission, and how did you become involved?
I believe that I started some time in 1995. I had served on several other city committees prior to this, including the Beautification Committee and the 21st Century Committee that went on during the mid-to-late 1980s.

2 What are your favorite aspects of serving on the commission?
I enjoy seeing the progress in the community. Most of the projects are definite progress for the city and represent people making things better for themselves and the community. I enjoy witnessing that and participating in that.

3 What are some of the challenges?
Sometimes we’re asked to make some tough decisions that will make people unhappy and will impact people – sometimes different people in different ways. What the commission is asked to do on individual cases is to make their best recommendation to the city council on how the matter ought to be handled. 

4 What are some of the more interesting cases that you’ve heard?
I really enjoyed working on the plan for the gateway planning district, which is the southeast portion of the city near Interstate 70 and Missouri 291. I also enjoyed working on the Little Blue update to the comprehensive plan.

5 What benefits does the Independence community offer to potential developers and builders?
Independence has been and continues to be a very quality community. We have a rich history. We have a very important role in the metropolitan area to provide a good place for people to live and to work and to do other quality things in life.