Most people who volunteer and work with Animals Best Friends know about Scrappy, a 4-year-old terrier mix who came to Animals Best Friends as a puppy.

Most people who volunteer and work with Animals Best Friends know about Scrappy, a 4-year-old terrier mix who came to Animals Best Friends as a puppy.

Scrappy earned his name because he was so ornery when he was little. I remember bringing some toys to the facility in 2005. Scrappy was in the tub room with us, so I gave him a couple of the toys. He immediately tore them up in a matter of minutes. So much for that.

Today, Scrappy is a calmer, demure dog. He is happy to sit and snuggle with you or watch out the window for people to come visit. Scrappy enjoys going for walks and he walks well on a lead. Riding in the car is another one of Scrappy’s favorite things. However, he has to ride “shotgun.” I learned this early on when I used to do Adopt A Pet at PetsMart on the weekends. If Scrappy rode in a crate in the back of the car he would get terribly sick. If he rode up front where he could look out the windows, he was just fine. He is an imposing figure when he rides “shotgun.” I’ve never had the heart to tell him that he is a scrawny, little kid.

Scrappy stands about 22 inches tall and weighs approximately 40 pounds. He is tall and skinny. Scrappy’s advantage of having long legs is his ability to jump. When he was younger we learned that he can jump a four-foot fence. He should be easily house trained, as he keeps his kennel neat and clean.

Scrappy will be one of the models for the “Dog Fashion Show” at this weekend’s “Dazzling Dogs and Dinner” fundraiser for ABF. This will be held this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Roger T. Sermon Center, 201 N. Dodgion St. in Independence.

Scrappy would make a good companion for a mature human. He is a special guy who needs a good home. If you would like to meet Scrappy to see if he might be a good fit into your family, go to our Web site and complete an application.

Animals Best Friends works hard to match our animals with the right families. We want to find permanent, loving homes for these animals so they won’t be shuffled from home to shelter and back again. ABF thoroughly reviews all applications, does home visits, and two-week trials. We also will always take an animal back no matter how long it has been since the adoption from ABF.

Animals Best Friends wish list includes dog chow, dog biscuits, rawhides, cow hooves, canned dog and cat food, laundry soap, bleach, Fantastic cleaning spray, paper towels and newspapers. There is a paper recycling bin in the parking lot at ABF Headquarters, 2302 S. Crysler Ave., Independence. Please, no cardboard or telephone books. We appreciate your support.

The following animals are available for adoption at the Independence Animal Shelter. Visit the shelter at 875 Vista Drive or call 816-325-7207 for more information. If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.

8117645 female basset hound, black/white, 8 weeks. 8108209 female Rottweiler, black/tan, 7 years. 8110724 female schnauzer/Poodle, black/gray, 3 years. 8130215 female shepherd, black/white, 4 years. 8128687 female spaniel mix, red/white, 5 months. 8079311 female retriever mix, golden, 7 months 8112625 female Labrador, black, 5 months. 8094352 female German shepherd, black/tan, 1 year. 8110770 female Australian shepherd, black/brown, 1 year. 8061053 female fox hound, tri-color, 3 years. 8097449 male shepherd, red/black, 6 months. 8118048 male border collie mix, black/white, 6 months. 8003042 male boxer, red/white, 1 year. 8129952 female terrier, black/white, 1 year. There are lots more dogs, puppies, cats and kittens available for adoption.