When you’re with John Brosam, expect the miraculous, because miracles are common occurrences in the life of this 70-year-old Independence man who "walks with the Creator as an instrument of good in His hands."

When you’re with John Brosam, expect the miraculous, because miracles are common occurrences in the life of this 70-year-old Independence man who "walks with the Creator as an instrument of good in His hands."

Some may find John’s stories impossible to believe or to understand. Others may say they are a figment of his imagination. But not so, he says. They are true, life experiences he feels compelled to share with others.

Believe it or not.

Born in a three-bed Buckner hospital in 1942, John doesn’t claim to be a holy man or a miracle worker. He says he’s just "a normal man ... who is a tool in the Creator’s hand" and has been allowed to "walk with angels."

His first angelic encounter was as a young boy. While playing Tarzan in a large Atherton hay barn, he lost his grip swinging from rafter to rafter and fell backwards. John, though, escaped injury, he says, when "something grabbed me and put me back on a rafter."

?John, who owns Whispering Winds Trading Post just off Independence Square, says strange things have happened to him that shouldn’t have happened, like the time he drove his truck and the trailer he was towing between cars stopped at a red light in a small Oklahoma town.

"It’s hard to believe, but it happened," he says, explaining there were others in his truck who experienced the phenomenon.

?As John was approaching the red light at the bottom of a hill, he applied the brakes. But to no avail. The truck sped on.

"So I stomped on them, and when I did, the antilock brakes kicked loose, so there was no brakes at all, he says, recalling the truck and trailer went into animation just before impact.

The phenomenon was like slow-motion, he says, explaining "it would be like if the cars spread apart or my truck collapsed. ... You could see the cars on the left and on the right" going by.

Says John: "As soon as we got through the intersection, we came back to reality and pulled over. We had no scratches, no dings, no bangs. Nothing."

With one harrowing experience behind him, it took another miracle to get John home. With no working brakes, John drove from the middle of Oklahoma to Independence, making every green traffic light along the way.

When a mechanic took the front wheel off the truck the next day, he asked John how he got home.

"I drove it," he quipped.

"Impossible," the mechanic replied. "You have no brakes."

Says John: "What happened was the brake pad had wore off, and it even wore the metal plate that the brake pad goes on half away. There was just a sliver of it. The rotors had gotten so hot they had cracked, and (the mechanic) took his pocketknife and stuck it through the crack."

For a man closely attuned to spiritual things, seeing a glimpse of heaven – if only for a short time – isn’t surprising. John died about 30 years ago from a blood clot that broke loose from his legs and hit his lung, heart and brain simultaneously.

"I don’t know how long I was dead. ...They brought my heart back, and it was pumping, but I was in a coma six days and went through cardiac arrest two more times after that."

What John does know is that he experienced total relaxation, peace and calmness as his spirit departed, enabling him to see the medical staff working on his body, the hospital as it disappeared from sight, then the Earth itself - and finally "the other place" that "some people call heaven."

John saw no bright lights, buildings or angels on the other side. What he did see, though, were "peaceful, calm and loving personages," one of whom counseled him on what life was all about and different things he had to do.

"My understanding at this time was that I was to be counseled to prepare me for what was to happen," he says. "The counselor told me I had to come back (to Earth), but I really didn’t want to."

Looking back on his counseling session, John remembers his personage talking with authority.

"It was total, absolute understanding each time he said something," John says, noting there is total understanding on the other side.

Describing himself as "a very, very lucky person that the Creator has taken special watch over," John says there’s nothing he would rather do than to help people.

"I have the gift of helping people and discernment," he says, then tells the story about a little girl who came into his store with a woman.

Upon seeing the numerous scratches on her arms, John began crying; tears flowing down his cheeks.

When asked about the scratches, the child replies, "The kitty scratched me."
John, though, knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

"The One who walks with me told me (in mind): ‘No, she’s a self-mutilator.’ "I looked at the woman? and she shook her head, no."

A short time later, this same woman returns to see John, telling him: "I’ve got this girl and she is locked up awaiting a judge’s decision." Not knowing it was the girl with the scratches, John sends her a blessing.

A week later, the lady returns saying, "Thank you. The judge gave her leniency, sent her up for counseling, and now she is a different person."

Not knowing what the future holds, John’s prayer for himself is: "Father, let me be a good instrument in your hands today."

Retired community news reporter Frank Haight Jr. writes this column for The Examiner. You can leave a message for him at 816-350-6363.