John G. Mayer

To the editor:


I don’t understand what has happened to the fight in the American people. A war is going on right under everyone’s nose, and yet I see no one stand up and saying “Wait a minute here.”


Across America, families are being scammed out of their homes and “We the People” are allowing it to happen. Every day hundreds of families are being kicked out of their homes by their mortgage holders. These are homes that people have raised their families in. Where is the fight? Hell, the Mayflower should have just sunk, instead of passengers turning over in their graves in disgust.


Homeowners have been offered a loan modification program from their mortgage holder, which our president made available to homeowners. These modifications are to help people lower their expenses and therefore stimulate the economy. Instead, it’s hurting everyone and destroying America as a whole. These government loan modifications are a scam. The percentage helped is so low there’s no percentage to count.


I, John Griffith Mayer, will be the first of the “We the People” to stand my ground. I bought a house at the age of 18. Now, being 48 years old, I’m not letting anyone, including our government, take my property from me. Throughout the years I’ve never been late and wasn’t late when offered this loan modification, but now after 15 months of trying to qualify for this scam modification I’m notified that I didn’t qualify for the program, leaving me more than $14,000 behind.


I won’t go down without a fight, a fight that will be known around the world. I’m not leaving or giving up my property to sit vacant.