Wayne Wagner


To the editor:

We are grateful to have a very good health plan through my retirement from Sacramento County. I am age 80 with Medicare and my wife is age 58, without Medicare and is disabled.

For the year 2009, our plan cost $1,021.68 per month. For the year 2010 our plan’s cost is $1,799.20 per month. That is a 76 percent increase.

We live in Missouri so are out of the Sacramento area. The county has separated the “out of area” retirees, about 50, from the “in area groups,” about 4,500 retirees. This separation completely destroys the concept of group coverage. One county supervisor stated, “If they don’t like it, let them move back to the Sacramento area.”

It is interesting to note that if I did not have Medicare our plan would cost only $1305.06 and less if we lived in area.

Blue Shield states that they do not regulate plan rates.

California Managed Health Care states they find no law broken and plans may increase rates as they choose. Sacramento County personnel states (verbal only) that Blue Shield lost money last year and must recoup these losses.

Even with the grossly unfair practices stated above, we are grateful to have a health plan. Needless to say, we are for health-care reform.