“He believes in what he believes in,” linebacker Derrick Johnson told Kansas City Star columnist Kent Babb. “He’s an old-school guy, and he’s definitely going to put the hammer down on us.”

Don’t let Romeo Crennel’s charm mislead you. Crennel seems super nice. He’ll put his hand on your shoulder, smile, and communicate in ways Todd Haley didn’t.

Crennel is enjoyable, but careful; Crennel isn’t just a player’s coach.

Crennel can distinguish between nice and what it actually takes to win a championship. Crennel has five Super Bowl rings. As a team Kansas City has one Super Bowl victory. That was 40+ seasons ago.

Honestly, I’m not looking for nice.

I’m not wanting agreeable. A new best friend isn’t what these young Chiefs need. What this youthful club has to have is a coach. A leader that understands the grind in getting ready to fight.

I liked that Brian Billick predicted the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC West. Many fans already felt this way, but it’s not automatic. Peyton Manning isn’t planning to play poorly. Manning’s a competitor and a top quarterback. Manning knows how to lead.

San Diego isn’t over just because people think they’re getting old. Think what you will of Norv Turner, but the Chargers will battle. Like former Raider Stanford Routt said yesterday, Oakland watches film and gets paid too.

Plus, the Oakland Raiders have had the Chiefs number lately. The AFC West will be won by combat. Crennel can’t afford to play it nice.

Todd Haley waited as long as eight days before placing his men in pads. Yesterday, just three days into camp, Crennel had his team in pads.

“Shorts are ok, but this is football,” Crennel told the media yesterday from St. Joe. “It is a contact game and you have to do that to get them ready for the regular season.”

Being truthful the pleasant part of Crennel had me worried. Would he be too nice, too easy, or too soft? Lots of questions, but I didn’t want Crennel the cuddly teddy bear.

Even Mahatma Gandhi understood when he said “If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly.”

Football isn’t about being liked, but I’m less worried after Sunday. Crennel getting straight to the pads showed he’s no pushover. If anything Crennel’s looking like the right balance.

Crennel is positive but always pushing. Crennel isn’t going to reinvent himself. Crennel’s too old to change now, which is good. Better yet the players like him for it, but the players are smart enough to listen because of Crennel’s 30+ years of know-how.

It’s called knowledge and that’s something Crennel has plenty of.

“We’re going to hit and we’re going to run and we’re going to hustle,” said Crennel in response to a question yesterday about his defense wearing pads. “That’s what I tell them because that’s what we’re going to do along with playing our technique and doing what you’re supposed to do, and knowing the defense and all that. Defensive guys, they hit and they hustle if they’re going to be any good.”

Yep, Crennel is doing just fine! And to top it off I feel the Chiefs will be plenty good this season.

Good day, Chiefs fans!