I'm guilty; I've said things I regret. I've been passionate, upset, and not thinking straight. Because it wasn't what I wanted I didn't like it. I threw in the towel before I knew the outcome.

Fans could be apologizing to Brian Daboll.

"I love football, when you love what you do, and I love what I do, I love coming out here and working with the team, the players and the coaches," said Daboll after a media person asked him if he was having fun. "I get up every morning and try to get better, each play is a process in terms of training camp, and you need to go through it. It’s really tough, but you need to go through it to get ready, put them under some stressful situations and see if they can perform under pressure and you’ve got to come out here and love what you do."

Six months ago the majority of fans had zilch to say about Daboll. Fans thought Scott Pioli really blew it.

"Daboll is a sadistic punk." said a fan. "He alienates the players he worked with, found ways to embarrass and humiliate them, was totally unprofessional in everything he did, and I am shocked when I hear what he has done. It sounds like behavior you would expect from a child. His horrible play calling is legendary. They couldn't have picked anyone worse."

Fans called Daboll heartless in the way he dealt with players.

"To tell you the truth, I think that I'm on a very good team," said Peyton Hillis at training camp recently. "With Coach (Brain) Daboll here from Cleveland and having a complementary back in Jamaal Charles – he's one of the best backs in the league – I feel like it will be good for me."

"I think he (Daboll) gets the most out of a lot of guys," Hillis answered when asked if Daboll gets the best out of him. "When I see him travel around from New England to Cleveland to Miami, I see he got a lot out of a lot of players. That's just because he's such a smart coach and knows how to connect with players."

When Daboll was appointed as Kansas City's fifth offensive coordinator in four seasons fans expressed the opposite of Hillis.

"I don't even know how to express how disgusted I am with this hire," said one fan. "Three years OC experience and not one of his offenses have ranked better than 22nd in the league? I was giving Pioli the benefit of the doubt but this is simply ridiculous. I don't know what the organization is focused on but it sure isn't winning."

Daboll helped Hillis become the 13th player to grace the cover of John Madden. Hillis, drafted in the 7th round of the 2008 NFL Draft, had 1,177 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns for Cleveland in 2010. But in 2011 Hillis numbers fell sharply (587 yards and three touchdowns).

As offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins in 2011 Daboll's first win came in week nine against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium; Miami beat Kansas City 31-3.

The Dolphins rebounded by winning six of their next nine averaging 25 points a game. In week 16 the Dolphins nearly beat the New England Patriots losing 24-27, but ended the season beating the New York Jets 19-17.

Prior to week nine Miami had scored above 20 just once, but after beating Kansas City Miami scored 20 or more six times, and at least 30 points four times. In comparison Kansas City scored above 20 just four times in 2011, the Chiefs highest scores being 28 against the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders.

Daboll took Reggie Bush a player many thought was done after the New Orleans Saints and turned him around. Bush had the best season of his seven-year career gaining 1,086 yards rushing and another 296 yards on 43 catches. Averaging five yards a carry Bush played and started in 15 games another career best.

Something Daboll has in Kansas City is the best roster he's ever been on. He's a young coach who's been an offensive coordinator for three seasons. He's learning and appears to be getting better. Having a talented roster like Kansas City has I think Daboll will do his best work in 2012.

Again, I think fans will be apologizing for what was said about Daboll once the season's over.

That includes me.

Good day, Chiefs fans!