To the editor:

On Oct. 21, I read in The Examiner that the newspaper was endorsing Sam Graves for Congress, despite the fact – and you so noted – that Graves “has consistently voted in line with President Bush’s priorities, which in a year when many are blaming the incumbents for our current economic crisis is a liability.”

I am stunned that you note this and yet endorse him. The other reason, per your editorial, is that Graves has “made his presence known in Blue Springs, where he has always had widespread support, and he in turn has helped bring some worthy projects to the city.”

Are you kidding me? What worthy projects? Can you specify? Oh, I forgot about the study on the Goth culture in Blue Springs at the cost of more than a half million dollars. In case your readers don’t recall, Graves spent nearly half of a $273,000 of the grant for spending on urban youth programs in his district on “curbing gothic subculture” in Blue Springs in 2002. That’s from the Associated Press. And here’s more. “Graves sought to spend $118,000 of that money for therapy, assessment and case management, as well as a series of town meetings to discuss the issue.”

All that pork just to hang out in Blue Springs on a Goth-Watch, maybe drive through Starbucks and see how many young people working there had black lipstick or nails through their ears?

Worthy? I’m not falling for it. If you are going to endorse a candidate, you better have some better reasons that the ones you gave.