To the editor:

Stealing president and vice president yard signs may surprisingly help the candidates.

As eligible voters living in Neighborhood Council 15 in Independence, we, as well as others, have had our Obama/ Biden yard signs removed (stolen) last Thursday evening . We each live about midpoint between former President Harry S. Truman’s home and the Truman Library. Later, we were informed other such yard signs were found torn up and thrown illegally in one of our city parks on the east side of town. We wish to remind all of those who are eligible voters and others of the following:

* If the person or persons who shared in such activities are not aware of it, such actions are not only inappropriate, they are illegal, unethical and immoral.

* Such action violates the citizens’ and residents’ rights, which free them to post yard signs. Removal of a sign can be a basis for legal action.

* Those who share in such inappropriate activities are really helping the very candidates and issues they oppose.

People who have chosen to remove yard signs usually are not aware of the multiplier effect, which affirms that persons whose residences or yards are violated often share that information with their families, neighbors and friends. One can see how inappropriate action quickly multiplies from one or two people to 10 or more.

We are privileged to live in a fine community, metro area, state and nation. Many, many of our citizens believe in fairness, trust and respect for each other. They feel deeply that voting is a sacred privilege that most people in the world would love to experience. So, let us choose to join together helping our hometown to continue to be a model of responsible citizenry.