St. Mary's Manor offers friendly family fun

Of all the holidays most anticipated at St. Mary’s Manor, Halloween looms the biggest.

Hard to believe, when you get right down to it.

“There’s a resident here who doesn’t come out of her room too much during the year,” Rhonda Sullivan, director of foundation, said Tuesday. “But she always comes out during this time of year, ready to go.”

This year marks the 12th celebration of Spooky Boo at the Manor, located on Mock Avenue in Blue Springs. The event, scheduled for 6-8 p.m. Friday, is geared for children 12 and younger, giving them a trick-or-treat environment that is safe for them and rewarding for residents.

“Residents look forward to it more than Christmas,” Sullivan said.

As costumed children walk through the center, they are led through several areas with themes, like Sponge Bob, Happy Feet, Wizard of Oz, and the dome area, where children can crowd inside and play with balloons.

New this year are displays from Bee Movie and High School Musical.

Work for the event began earlier this week. Nearly 200 buckets have already been filled by residents and frames and decorations for the display areas go up tomorrow.

Sullivan said as many as 500 kids walk through the manor in the two-hour span.

“Employees and residents, everyone dresses up for the event, and it’s great for residents,” Sullivan said. “It’s one of few chances where they can interact with the community, and it gives the younger kids a safe place to trick-or-treat.”