Parking or the lack of parking at Grain Valley High School is not a new problem.

Parking or the lack of parking at Grain Valley High School is not a new problem.

In 2009, the Grain Valley Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance that prohibits parking on residential streets surrounding the high school during school hours. Neighbors complained about the number of cars parked on the street, fights, littering and loitering in the neighborhoods caused largely by the high school students parking in those spaces.

That is why the Grain Valley Board of Education has been discussing a solution to the parking problem for the last couple of years.

One option, which was discussed at the Grain Valley Board of Education meeting earlier this month, is to acquire property to the east of the high school for an additional parking lot. Superintendent Roy Moss said district staff have discussed with a local developer to trade the property east of the high school for property the school district owns near Matthews Elementary, on the north side of the city. The trade would mean the cost of constructing the new lot would be relatively low to the district.

“Because of some other construction projects taking place in Grain Valley, we were discussing some in-like improvements trade for some school property needed at Matthews Elementary with the developer that would be doing the TIF project northeast of I-70 and Route BB,” he said. “That is a big part of the issue, we were working the developer to get the work done for a small piece of property (north of Matthews Elementary) needed by the developer.”

However, Moss said the district has been unable to get an easement on the property to put in an accessible trafficway to and from Eagles Parkway. Without the easement, the district would have to go the expense of adding a third turning lane in front of the high school itself.

“Without an easement to go east of that property, we need to buy that property,” he said. “So, this project goes from a project of trade to a possible project of $500,000 to $600,000.”

If the district does acquire the land, the parking lot would go at the northeast corner of the high school, north of the tennis courts. However, Moss said until the easement issue is sorted out, the district will continue to review the issues and possibilities to the parking situation.