Maddie Greenstreet could barely contain her excitement when she started talking about the new building for Timothy Lutheran School.

Maddie Greenstreet could barely contain her excitement when she started talking about the new building for Timothy Lutheran School.
“I really like it. It is so much bigger,” said the seventh grader about the facility. “I think I like the smart boards the best because they are awesome. There is no stairs here, which is a lot better and it is just a great place. More than what I imagined.”
Monday was the first day of school for the new facility, which is at 301 Wyatt Road in south Blue Springs. The 22,000-square-foot building houses the nine-classroom wing for the K-8 program as well as church offices and a gymnasium/worship center.
Dedication services for the facility will be at 9 and 11 a.m. Sunday at the church. Regular services and church educational programs will begin Nov. 8.
“The move went smoothly. Better than we could have hoped,” said principal Ed Kuerschner. “We got everything moved over in two days and teachers had the whole week to really put their classrooms together.”
The Wyatt Road facility is a big change for students and staff compared to the previous home of Timothy Lutheran School, the former Hansel Lowe Building, 205 N.W. 16th St. Though it served the school well, Kuerschner said, it was time for a move.
“It served our needs for a time,” he said. “But it quickly became too small. This offers us so many more opportunities.
The vision for the new facility began in 1999 when Timothy Lutheran completed a long-range study to assess current and future needs. During that study it was determined that an elementary school was needed as well as larger spaces for church and worship services.
Some of the features include state-of-art technology, including a phone system, sound system and smart boards in every classroom as well as a larger computer lab and library. Smart boards are essentially electronic whiteboards that are interactive. Students can write directly on the screen to complete communication arts or mathematics lessons and can be connected to computers to offer even more educational possibilities.
The gymnasium not only has a full-size high school basketball court, but there is also a set of retractable bleachers that will seat 100 people and room for an additional 500 seats on the floor for church services.
The $6.2 million project is only the first phase of the church facility. Subsequent phases include additional classrooms for Timothy Lutheran School as well as a worship facility with the capacity for between 800 and 1,200 people. A new early childhood center is also a possibility on the site as well as a senior citizen activities center.
“It’s beautiful,” said Sarah Frank, the fifth and sixth grade teacher at Timothy Lutheran. “It is absolutely amazing and so much more than I hoped for. We are all so excited about the technology opportunities, which I think is the biggest shock value. There is so much more we can do now.”