Santa’s famous ride across the sky happened nearly a week ago, and all of the presents have surely been unwrapped. Your beautiful live Christmas tree has been gracing your living room for several weeks now, spreading pine-scented fragrance and good cheer.

 I imagine it’s getting a little frazzled at this point and the needles are starting to drop. It’s time to find the perfect place to recycle it.

That’s one of the great things about live trees. They complete the circle. After growing on a tree farm providing homes, shelter and sometimes a food source for wildlife, jobs for the industry, and boosting the local economy, they end up at your doorstep for one of the most festive times of year. When their job is over, you can recycle them back to nature, where the cycle starts all over again.

Many of the recycling centers use Christmas trees for chipped trails or landscaping. They may offer the chips back to the local residents or use the trees in ponds for fish habitat or for a host of other applications. Additionally, many garbage waste haulers will not pick up Christmas trees (which would only go a landfill).

I did a little homework and completed a list of local facilities that accept live Christmas trees. Remember to call before you load up your tree and drive to the center. Many recyclers accept a limited number of Christmas trees annually.

We won’t be driving to a tree recycler this year, we did something I haven’t done since I was a kid ... we bought a live tree! No, I mean a really live tree – one that wasn’t cut down. It’s in a great big pot! We needed some landscaping, and I thought, heck, instead of buying a Christmas tree and needing a tree in our yard, why don’t we do both?

So I called some local nurseries and found just what I was looking for at Colonial Nursery south of Blue Springs. The folks are friendly, and the stock is always good.

So, we won’t be making any trips to the tree recycler. We’ll just be going to the shed and getting out the shovels. I’ll be seeing Green all year long! Hope your Holidays have been good and that you’re looking forward to a very Green 2009!

Drop it off
Blue Springs – Pink Hill Park
2715 N.W. Park Drive

Independence – Courtney Ridge Composting Facility
2031 N Courtney Road

Lee’s Summit – city yard waste drop-off center:
2101 S.E. Hamblen Road