Susan Culpepper is a candidate for Blue Springs City Council, District 3

In 1978, my husband and I began our search for a home to raise our family. Like many others, we sought a community with great schools and local leaders with integrity. In Blue Springs, we found the best of both. Our city has come a long way since then, growing rapidly into a dynamic and vibrant community. As a retired accountant, I have the time, leadership skills, experience and desire to help take Blue Springs into a bright and prosperous future.

During my 18 years as a planning commissioner I have researched and reviewed many of the same issues facing the City Council. I have examined each project individually, with the necessary due diligence. At times the decisions were difficult, but ultimately I always did what I believed was best for the community as a whole.

I have served on many commissions and committees and attended educational seminars and feel very fortunate to have had these opportunities to learn and grow. The insight and experience I have gained in the specifics of identifying quality development and comprehensive planning, capital spending and budgeting have provided me a unique perspective on future growth for Blue Springs.

As a councilman, I cannot create jobs. What I can and will do is support policies that create an environment conducive to quality business development and quality housing that will encourage businesses to bring good jobs to Blue Springs. I fully support projects like Missouri Innovation Park and will actively participate with the Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce to pursue success with such projects.

It is important for the growth of our city to support redevelopment, improve existing properties and streets, and to encourage business owners to fill vacancies in our storefronts and offices. I will work for infill redevelopment, exploring available funding sources, including grants, etc., to improve existing properties.

On the April 5 ballot is the safety sales tax. While I am not a proponent of additional taxes, I wholeheartedly support this initiative. It is critical that a councilman have the courage of her convictions, to stand up and lead, especially on issues of public safety. As the recipient of the Citizen Leader of the Year Award by the Missouri Municipal League and three-term chairman of the Planning Commission, I have consistently demonstrated my leadership skills. Nothing is more precious than the safety of our families. Keeping our community safe preserves our quality of life and protects our property values.

Additional personal experiences: Citizens Police Academy, co-chairing Hospice walk/runs, St. Mary’s Medical Center Auxiliary, chairing a state convention, organizing activities for the Boy Scouts, working for the U.S. Swim Team and many other volunteer groups. These have all given me knowledge and experiences that provide the foundation for my service to the citizens of Blue Springs.

It is important that the council be well balanced. If elected, I will be the only female council person, resulting in a more diverse perspective on the council. I will listen, be responsive to my constituents, and will give all that I can to the residents of the city of Blue Springs. It would be an honor and privilege to be elected as the representative of District 3.