To the editor:

I would like to thank The Examiner editorial board on its recent support and comments regarding the upcoming public safety sales tax on Tuesday.

Twenty years ago, my wife and I were looking to relocate from Lexington to Eastern Jackson County for a central location to oversee our various business holdings. Having two young children at the time, we were looking for a community that had an excellent school district and well rounded “quality of life” to raise a family. Our search for a new community to call home was short because Blue Springs met all of our needs.

We have seen the community grow with new businesses, new schools and new parks while continuing to invest in roads and infrastructure. While the last few years have been a struggle for many families and businesses, Blue Springs remains a community that continues to look toward the future to maintain the “quality of life” for its residents.

The upcoming sales tax initiative will provide the additional resources needed to maintain the “quality of life” we have grown to expect. More officers and leadership, federally mandated communication upgrades and facility enhancements are important to all of our citizens. While I hope I never have to place a 911 call, adequate radio systems and extra personnel certainly enhance the opportunity of a prompt response time.

The new sales tax rate will still be in line with surrounding communities and will allow the thousands of non-citizens who visit our community to eat, shop, play sports to help fund our public safety when the spend their dollars in our community.

Please vote yes for the public safety sales tax on Tuesday. We have a first-class Police Department that continues to keep us safe.