Jason Dial

assistant superintendent of high schools for the Independence School District

1 What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming school year?
Currently, each member of the administrative team is working to ensure that buildings will be ready for teachers’ return on Aug. 10 and students’ return on Aug. 17. Administrators are preparing for schedule pick-up for students and making final changes to the master schedule. Administrators are also finalizing curriculum revision documents that teachers worked on throughout the summer.

2 What should students be doing?
More than 50 percent of students in the Independence School District participated in summer school this year. The district is proud that so many took time this summer to advance their skills or learn about new topics. Now is the time for students to relax with family and friends.

3 How much do teachers/administrators work during the summer to be ready for the fall?
Central Office administrators work throughout the summer. Building administrators work from July 21st until June 30th each year. Several teachers from all buildings work throughout the month of June writing and revising curriculum. Many teachers take professional development classes or work through June writing and revising curriculum. Many teachers take professional development classes or attend curriculum camps in the summer to prepare for the upcoming year.

4 How can students make the transition from summer to school easily?
Students can be prepared for the beginning of school by completing summer reading and starting every school year with a fresh outlook and enthusiasm.

5 What can parents be doing to prepare themselves and their children for school?
Parent support and involvement is crucial to the success of each student in the district. Parents should be proactive in communications with the school and encourage their child to become involved in school activities. Parents should never be afraid to talk with teachers, counselors or administrators if they feel their child needs extra support.