Sara Vanderpool is the new director of communication at the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce.


1 You’re a new hire at the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce. What is it that you do?

 I am responsible for coordinating and developing the Chamber’s monthly newsletter, weekly e-mails, updating and changing the Web site, along with press releases. I also coordinate the selling of all ads and inserts for the newsletter. I will be working closely with the Buy Blue Springs initiative and the annual Fall Fun Festival.

2 Have you been involved – directly or indirectly – with any chamber of commerce’s before?

Yes, in previous positions in the hotel and convention industry I have had the opportunity to be a chamber member. However, I have never been directly involved in the day-to-day operations.

3 What separates the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce from other similar organizations?

The Blue Springs Chamber has always been my favorite chamber to work with because of the people, both members and staff. When you are in need of something and you contact another member, they have always been willing to help. This is also true for the staff, and I am proud to be part of that now.

4What are business owners and/or employees talking about most these days when they stop in?

The economy is the biggest discussion. The other item is the economic developments in Blue Springs, what is coming, what is going, and what is changing. 

5 Are you currently involved in any other area in the chamber? If not, are you planning to be more involved?

Since we are a small team at the chamber, I am involved in many of the various projects and activities we have going on. It just depends on the day.

– Jeff Martin