The greatest rushing performance in the history of Rockhurst High School played a key role in the Class 6 defending state champion’s 35-20 victory at Peve Stadium Friday night.

The greatest rushing performance in the history of Rockhurst High School played a key role in the Class 6 defending state champion’s 35-20 victory at Peve Stadium Friday night.

Senior running back Jordan Walker scored five times and carried the ball 34 times for a school-record 418 yards as the top-ranked Hawklets ran over, around and through the Wildcats defense.

“We couldn’t stop him,” said Blue Springs quarterback and linebacker Kyle Brown, who was in on several tackles against Walker. “He had one of those nights you don’t forget.”
He had one of those night that give coaches nightmares.

“We knew he was special,” Blue Springs coach Kelly Donohoe said after his inexperienced squad allowed 446 yards on the ground, but just 37 through the air.

“But we didn’t know he was that special. Their line is so big and they opened some amazing holes for the young man to run through.”

Walker, who held an emotionally charged post-game press conference on the field, agreed with Donohoe.

“On one touchdown, where I wasn’t even touched,” Walker said, “the line opened a hole so big a semi could have gone through it.

“I never imagined having a game like this against a great team like Blue Springs. Before every game, I get alone and pray for 20 minutes, and I want to thank God for all He has done for me.

“Tonight, I give the credit to God – and my line.”

Moments after the game was over, Rockhurst coach Tony Severino approached a group of media members at the 50-yard line and joked, “Anyone in particular you guys want to talk to?”

He then asked, “How many yards did he have?”

When he was informed 418, he said, “The greatest rushing performance in the history of Rockhurst. Kenyon Rasheed (who played in the NFL for three years with the New York Giants) had the previous record of 275).”

While players from both teams were going down on the sidelines with cramps, Walker was rushing for touchdowns of 46, 60, 6 and 5 yards and hauling in a 25-yard touchdown pass from Nick Jones.

Walker was the man of the hour, but the underdog Wildcats put on a good show for three quarters.

Blue Springs, ranked fourth in the state in Class 6, opened the game with an 81-yard drive that was highlighted by a 54-yard reverse by Deiondre Hall. That set up a 15-yard scoring pass from Kyle Brown to Marcus Brown.

Rockhurst came back to knot the score at 7-all on Walker’s 46-yard burst up the middle.
Walker then scored on a 60-yard run to put the Hawklets ahead 14-7, but the Wildcats tied the score on Jordan Bardwell’s 19-yard reception from Kyle Brown to go into halftime dead even.

Walker scored on the 25-yard pass play and 6-yard run in the third period, and the Wildcats scored on a 4-yard run by Marcus Brown.

Walker’s final 5-yard touchdown put the Hawklets up 35-20 with just over six minutes to play and KCWJ radio color man Tim Crone quipped, “It’s time to give that thoroughbred a bag of oats and put in his stall for the night.”

Kyle Brown, who is recovering from a broken finger on his throwing hand, completed 9 of 22 passes for 201 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions.

His backup, junior Wylson Lamb, saw extensive action and was 2 of 8 for 5 yards.
“Kyle is the senior, and he’s going to be getting most of the snaps, but Wylson has done some good things and he’s going to get time at quarterback, too,” Donohoe said.

Marcus Brown finished with a touchdown reception and touchdown run, but said as he left the locker room, “I’m only interested in what my team does – and winning.

“Tonight, we did some good things. Kyle came back after the injury and our line blocked well, but we have to get better. And we will – this is just the first game.”