John Seeley

To the editor:
Can we take a breath here and get some clarity? I understand people being worried about jobs, health care, etc. What I don’t understand is that everyone seems to think that change happens overnight. Obama has been in office for one year. Give him and the Democrats a chance to actually govern. 
Do we really have such short memories as to forget who got us into this mess? Let me tell you it took more than a year to get us to this point, and it will take us more than a year to fix it. At least we seem to be moving in the right direction, however slowly. Have some patience and understanding that you may not get everything that you want. Republicans do several things well, but they are excellent at being obstructionist.
I am tired of hearing the fear mongering about socialism, communism, lefty, liberal, taking my rights away, dictatorship, etc., etc., etc. These scare tactics serve no purpose and have no logic or reason but to obstruct real conversations about what is best and needed for our country. Too many times the Republicans have taken their ball home and basically withdrawn from the game just because they did not get picked first to play or they do not get everything they want. What a shame.
Does one party have all the answers? No, but we are all Americans, with differing experiences and ideas, skills and gifts. We all have something to contribute to better our society. Education is a good thing. We need to educate ourselves with many differing sources of information. Then have a civil debate on actual ideas backing them up with stats, logic, facts.
I say if you want less government or no government, your paradise awaits you in Somalia.