To the editor:

More than a year after he took office, some people still doubt that President Obama is an American citizen. Although most of the silly lawsuits have been disposed of, people called “birthers” still spread these lies and allegations on the Internet and in the print media.

Obama is clearly a U.S. citizen. Both major Honolulu newspapers reported his birth the first week of August 1961. Hawaii was already a state at the time so Obama was born in America. Even if he had been born somewhere else, his mother was an American citizen and that would have made him an American citizen.

In any case, it is time to amend the Constitution of the United States and allow for people born outside the U.S. to serve as president. There are capable people in both political parties who qualify to be president, but can not serve due to their birth in another country (Republican Arnold Schwarznegger and Democrat Jennifer Granholm come to mind.)

The reason the founding fathers put the “U.S. citizen requirement” in the Constitution is that they feared some Englishman might take office and return the new United States to the control of the British (in reality, the first seven presidents were born in British-ruled Colonial America and really were not American citizens.)

It is time to leave President Obama alone and let him govern, whether you agree with him or not. And it’s time to remove an outdated and archaic barrier from the nation’s top legal document in order to let qualified men and women serve in the country’s highest office.